Baltimore Comic Con

Hey guys!

Just as a quick FYI! I’ll be in Baltimore, MD this coming September 25-27th exhibiting at Baltimore Cons’ artist alley.

Be sure to stop by and say hello! I’m at table A209 and I’ll be selling and signing copies of Return To Earth.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

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ApolloCon 2015

If you’re into sci-fi, fantasy, and horror stories, then come to the ApolloCon 2015 in Houston, TX this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday! There are many activities to participate in and a few parties to partake of! I’ll have a table in The Alley where I’ll be selling my new novel Return To Earth. Come by and get your copy autographed or just come by to chat. See the link for more  details: Hope to see you there!

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An Interview with Dennis Calloway

An Interview with Dennis Calloway by Mark Gardner

Article 94


Back on Monday, I reviewed Return to Earth, by Dennis Calloway. Dennis was kind enough to answer a few questions about himself, his work and the future in this companion interview:

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?

I think I was bitten by the writing bug about 12 years ago. Initially, the urge to write would only flare up during times when my mind was able to roam — airplane trips, long car rides, and even long distance jogging or cycling. During these times, hundreds of potential topics would come to mind. Many would leave as quickly as they came, but a few of them (dinosaurs from the past, zombies, apocalyptic meteors and other heart-racing topics) stayed around long enough for me to seriously consider them as potential stories.

One day, as I was driving from Dallas to Austin, my thoughts were…

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Return to Earth, by Dennis Calloway

Return To Earth Review by Mark Gardner

Article 94


The year is 2053 and a group of survivors find themselves stranded on the moon after a huge meteor has partially destroyed the earth. There’s a long shot chance that they can live on Europa (which is one of Jupiter’s moons), but in order to make the long trip to Europa, they’ll need to return to earth for fuel and supplies. But conditions on earth are not good. Earthquakes, floods, wild animals, and the barbaric survivors make it increasingly difficult for Tess Robinson and her people from the moon to find the things they need to make it to Europa. The earth is in its last days and if they don’t leave the planet soon, it may be the end for them and for mankind too.

“Return to Earth,” by Dennis Calloway was a fun read. Foreshadowing in early chapters made certain plot points obvious, but the author still managed…

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A quick hello!

Just a quick hello to those of you following my blog. I understand there have been some problems, so I’m sending a quick update to see if you all are able to respond to it. I have a request for those of you who have read Return To Earth. Please post a review on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google Books, and Goodreads. If you already have…then a big THANKS to you!

See you soon!